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Transformational holistic healing for the mind and body.


Self - help techniques for a happier, healthier life.


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Are you troubled by past trauma, fear, anxiety, panic attacks, relationship difficulties

or OCD?


Do you feel that outwardly you give the appearance of coping but inwardly you

lack confidence and are struggling, hurting or grieving?


Do you have persistent stress related health problems or suffer from chronic pain?


Do you underperform in examinations, interviews or public speaking due to excessive nerves?


If so, I can help free you from the intensity of your negative emotions, beliefs and traumas and bring healing, happiness, inner peace and positive change into your life.


My name is Carol Crowther and I work with children and adults who struggle to live a happy, fulfilled life due to fears, phobias, emotional upset, anxiety about past or future events, negative beliefs, OCD or overwhelm.


I work with people like you, who would like to transform their life, regain their health and happiness, improve their relationships and move forwards again with confidence, clarity and joy.


What separates me from others is that I am an intuitive, natural healer and a holistic trainer who empowers all my clients.


You will receive confidential healing, guidance and empowering self help techniques that will transform your life.


The first step is willingness. - willingness to let go of what doesn’t serve you.


The second step is to contact me.

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