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Exam 3

Using EFT to Help with Examination Anxiety

Students at university can also suffer prolonged periods of anxiety due to course work assignments. This is especially true for those taking creative degrees that involve art and design. The difficulty here is knowing when enough is enough as there is such a subjective element involved. The knowledge that the finished work will be put on display and judged by a wide range of people can also add to the pressure. Here EFT is invaluable in helping to calm anxieties as they arise, preventing creative blocks. My daughter used EFT to help her through the pressures of a Fashion Design Degree and passed with First Class Honours.






This is one area that is very near to my heart and the reason why I did not attend University and take a degree course. Regretfully, my early life was blighted by examination anxiety caused by a combination of childhood experiences and attending a highly pressurising Grammar School.


People who set very high standards for themselves can be prone; for some the fear and shame of failure can be so great it can prevent them taking courses and examinations in the first place. For many people the mere thought of taking a driving test fills them with trepidation. The anxiety associated with being in any examination situation can make people prone to making silly mistakes, not reading the paper correctly, not answering the right questions and the mind going blank.


Sometimes the fear of taking examinations can impinge upon the effectiveness of revision beforehand. Students can procrastinate and leave revision to the last minute resulting in cramming and panic, others will overwork for months and still panic. The result is often a tired candidate with a muddled mind.


This is one area that EFT can be very effective by tapping, focusing in and identifying the fears and negative beliefs associated with taking examinations of any kind. Once the emotional charge is taken out of the fear, a calmer, more positive state of mind ensues which is far more conducive to successful examination taking.


An example of this is illustrated in the Exam Nerves testimonial on this website.  


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