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The word disease originates from dis ease.


Where are you not at ease with yourself?


The mind is an incredibly powerful tool and can have a profound effect upon the disease process. EFT can be used to control chronic pain and physical symptoms by tapping and focusing in on specific problems. Visualisation techniques are regularly used to promote healing and if painful symptoms can be shifted by tapping then we know there is an emotional component involved.


EFT then tackles and treats the reasons why we become ill in the first place. People often succumb to a disease after a significant, unexpected emotional event; especially one in which we have had no strategy in place to help us deal with it. One of the crucial questions normally asked in an EFT session is “What was going on in your life before / around the start of your illness?”


It has been claimed that as much as 85% of all illness is due to unresolved emotional issues and negative beliefs, sometimes originating from childhood. Once these are identified and dealt with using EFT, the physical symptoms so often ease and true healing is allowed to begin.



The Significance of Our Beliefs on the Disease Process

We start forming our beliefs, our own personal rules and regulations from the day we are born. Our main core beliefs are often well entrenched in our conscious and subconscious minds by the time we are 6 years old. These beliefs shape our world, our place in it and how we view events as they unfold. We naturally believe that our beliefs are true, how things are and how they should be. We rarely question them.


Beliefs are wonderful if they are empowering, enhancing and promote our well being. The right beliefs will give us confidence, self worth and courage to face whatever it is we have to face in life.


But negative or limiting beliefs can seriously impede a person’s life, health and happiness and they can block healing.

Here are just a few examples:-


•      I’ll never get better

•        You can never really get over this type of illness/injury

•      I’ve had this condition too long now for it to improve

•        Members of my family have suffered/died of this

•     The Doctor says I’ll be on medication for life

•      Mrs Jones suffered from this and she only got worse

•      I don’t deserve a healthy body

•      I’m being punished, I’ve done something unforgivable

•     There’s nothing I can do

•      If I get better my spouse/partner won’t look after me any more.

•      I can’t get better, I’m pursuing a claim for compensation


By identifying, tapping and focusing on negative beliefs, we can often reframe them and give them a positive slant which assists in the healing process.


When treating a client with a serious disease I often find that a combination of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Reiki is extremely effective.

Using EFT to Help With Serious Diseases

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