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We begin to form our belief system from the day we are born and by the time we are 6 years old we have a very strong set of rules and principles firmly set in our conscious and subconscious mind.

Some of these beliefs are very helpful to our wellbeing, others are not so helpful.


Here are some examples:-


•I’m not good enough

•I must be perfect to be loved

•The world is a dangerous place

•I’m no good at maths

•I’m not very attractive

•Life’s meant to be hard

•Relationships don’t work

•I’m an untidy person

•I can’t manage money

•I have no willpower

•I must be in control

•I’m worthless

•I must always keep my house spotlessly clean

•I’ll never earn a big salary

•I’m unforgivable

Using EFT to help with Stress and Anxiety

I believe it is life’s traumas, no matter how big or small, that form our negative beliefs that can inhibit our life in the present day. I also believe that a succession of small traumas can be just as damaging as a single large trauma and that the earlier those traumas occurred, the more significant they can be.


Carrying around negative beliefs can cause accumulative significant stress which can eventually lead to chronic worry, psychological and physical illness. Using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting techniques enables us to identify and deal with the negative beliefs that may be limiting us from living a happy, fulfilled, peaceful life. It doesn’t matter whether our beliefs are right or wrong, what matters is whether they help or hinder us in our life

A feeling of stress and anxiety is a natural response to pressure. The more persistent and intolerable the pressure, the more intensely the feelings of stress and anxiety will be felt. Sometimes it’s very difficult to minimise or avoid the causes of pressure. I believe that at the root of all anxiety is some form of fear. I teach all my clients how to self administer EFT so at the time of stress the negative effects can be minimised.


Stress often occurs when our perception of life events and how things should be don’t match with the reality. So often, the way we perceive things should be, is not the way that other people perceive them to be. This is because our belief systems are different.

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