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The Balance Procedure

Restoring Balance and Harmony in Your Life

It is so much easier to progress happily through life if you are balanced emotionally. However if you are living or working in an unhappy environment, it can be challenging to keep strong emotionally on a daily basis. If a certain person is continually pushing your buttons or if you find yourself in a job that doesn’t suit you it can affect your energy and your general health.


One easy way to keep yourself balanced, especially during challenging times is to use a process called the Balance Procedure. This is a process developed by Jenny Cox which involves balancing each energy centre or chakra in turn and the culminating results can be profound.


Balancing your chakras on a daily basis builds an inner strength and resilience which means you are far less likely to be knocked off course by external events or reactionary relationships. Being balanced and centred means that it becomes easier to think positively and to deal with negative situations more effectively. But the Balance procedure takes things one step further, because the aim is not just to help you get balanced, but to help you move forwards in life with confidence.


Learning to balance your chakras is easy and it takes less than 5 minutes a day. Once you become familiar with this energy technique, you then gain a greater understanding about how external events and relationships affect you on a subtle, energetic level.  Learning the Balance Procedure as a tool for life takes just one session and I include a set of Balance Cards and a book. I can also teach this technique in a group setting.

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