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Matrix Reimprinting

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Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners using this technique with their clients have reported the most profound results with the most traumatic of memories. After treatment it should be possible to revisit a traumatic or disturbing memory and experience none of the distressing feelings normally associated with it.



Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced technique developed from EFT by Karl Dawson – EFT Master. It is based upon the theory that when we experience the freeze effect within the fight / flight / freeze response of a trauma, we subconsciously discharge a part of us and that trauma into our energy field or Matrix as a self protection mechanism. The part of us that we can see or feel when we revisit that traumatic memory has been named an ‘Energy Consciousness Hologram’ or ‘Echo’.


Traditionally this has been referred to as the ‘inner child’. However, the latest research in quantum physics and the work of eminent scientists such as Dr Robert Scaer and Professor Bruce Lipton suggests that memories and trauma are not held within us as previously thought, but are held outside us in our energy field.


When we revisit a memory in our mind, it is possible to step back and see ourselves, the ‘echo’ in the picture. About 70% of clients who process visually usually find this very easy. For the remaining 30% of clients who are particularly auditory or kinaesthetic, sometimes this part of the process has to be adapted.  A Matrix Reimprinting session involves the Practitioner tapping on the client and the client tapping on the ‘echo’ of themselves in the trauma. The healing effect of this alone is immense, but we take it one stage further.


The client then communicates with their ‘echo’ and gives them any resources they may need in order for them to deal with the trauma. This is the reimprinting part of the technique and it is based on the theory that the ‘echo’ is frozen in time and is still suffering, experiencing the trauma.


Matrix Reimprinting is an extremely exciting, cutting edge technique and one of my case studies using this method has been printed in the Matrix Reimprinting using EFT text book written by Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby. You can read about Charlie’s worries about starting his new school on my Case Studies page.


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