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Earthing Product List



Order Process

Orders are processed by BEP Technology Ltd, who are also pleased to answer any questions that you may have. (0121 243 6318, between 9 am and 8pm most days).  

Call for an up to date price When calling please identify yourself as a client of Carol Crowther and have the discount code EFTR to hand. This provides a 5% discount.


Payment can be by Visa/MasterCard. Orders are sent first class recorded and if placed by 1 pm generally go out that day.


Core Product List


Earthing Products

Complete Earthing Sheet Systems (1/2 sheet universal size, 100% cotton contact area with synthetic tuck under.

Earthing ½ sheet with cable and UK mains connect (Ship1)                                  

Fitted UK fitted single sheet  with cable and UK mains connect (Ship1)                

Fitted UK double (4’ 6”) fitted sheet  with cable and UK mains connect (Ship1)    

Fitted UK king (5’) sheet  with cable and UK mains connect (Ship1)                      

Fitted UK super king (6’) sheet with cable and UK mains connect (Ship1)                

Complete Earthing Mat Systems,

Earthing foot/desk mat with cable and UK mains connect (Ship1) 27” x 10”        

Recovery Bags

Recovery Bag large with cable and UK mains connect (Ship1)                            

Rod Connection extra price (each unit)

Exchange only UK mains for Earthing rod with 40 ft cable (Ship 2)  Add        

Earthing Accessories

Connection accessories for the above

Extra earthing rod as a single/extra  item                                                              

UK mains presence tester (Ship 2)                                                                      

EMF-Radiation (max. Discount 25%)

SaferWave Mo Phone Protection (Ship2)                                                                

SaferWave Computer Protection (Ship 2)                                                          


Other Products

The above are the most popular products. There are additional products available:

-earthing connections for other countries

-earthing products for specific issues (bands and patches)


Which connection?

The rod is universal and is the closest to nature. It is recommended wherever possible. If you are electrosensitive then the rod system is recommended. For most people the benefits are the same with the rod and the mains. The rod is available at time of order as an exchange at +£10.



There are no intrinsic health contraindications to Earthing- in the same way as there are none to walking barefoot! If you are elderly, very low in energy, on blood thinning/ thyroid/insulin medications then there are pacing and monitoring notes. These are sent with the item.

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