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Electricians go to a great deal of time and trouble to earth our electrical appliances to enable them to work properly without interference. Yet we are electrical beings too, living on a planet alive with natural energies. We, like all other forms of life on this planet, have evolved to be in electrical synchronicity with the rhythmic pulses of energy emanating from the surface of our Earth. Our body’s electrical system controls every cellular function but many people are completely unaware of this.


Over the years we have become far more insulated from the Earth than our ancestors ever were. Fewer and fewer of us work the land, we wear synthetic soled shoes and travel in cars with rubber tyres. Our bodies are comprised of water and minerals which are excellent conductors of electricity. The free electrons pulsating on the surface of the Earth are easily transferred into our body as long as we have direct skin contact with the earth. When we lose this contact our body’s become positively charged and this can adversely affect our health.


When we lose touch with the Earth we lose touch with the healing power of nature.

Woman's hand touching wheat in field

One of the best things you can do for your health is to walk barefoot on the ground outside for around 30 minutes a day.

This is how we have evolved to ground ourselves naturally, but in our climate, this is not always practical.  However, there are a range of products available that can help us earth our bodies. Making contact with a conductive sheet or pad, connected via a wire to the earth is equivalent to walking barefoot on the earth itself. From mats you can place under your keyboard of your computer to sheets you can lie on in bed, these products are helping people earth, sleep and heal. I use them myself and I can personally vouch for their effectiveness.


For more than 10 years, thousands of people around the globe have also been using  these earthing products to ground themselves daily and extraordinary health benefits have been documented.


Girl lying in the grass

There is a growing body of evidence that earthing:


•Improves sleep

•Defuses inflammation and improves the symptoms of many inflammation related disorders.

•Reduces chronic pain

•Increases energy

•Normalizes the body’s biological rhythms

•Lowers stress and promotes calmness

•Thins the blood, improving blood pressure and flow

•Relieves muscle tension and headaches

•Speeds healing and helps to prevent bed sores

•Reduces Jet lag

•Protects the body against potentially health – disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields. (EMFs)

•Accelerates recovery from intense athletic activity.


I feel so passionate about spreading the word about these amazing products, which include mobile phone radiation protectors, that I have arranged a discount deal with a very reputable company called BEP Technology.  If you order anything on their website and quote EFTR when you place the order, you will receive a 5% discount.

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