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EFT and Carol Crowther


My first reaction was “what is that and what does it do and who’s she?”.

To me it’s a miracle that has turned my life completely around.


Before meeting Carol, I was and had been very depressed for a long time and taking anti depressants and felt very suicidal, I was hiding myself away from everything and everyone, even my closest friends that I had known for years.  At my last consultation with my doctor she had stressed to me the need for counselling, I had had counselling the old and tested way on a one to one basis, it didn’t help, so when I was told about EFT and Carol Crowther I was at a stage that I would try anything, and thank God, I did.


EFT and Carol has given me back my life, the sessions are powerful and you face up to the problems, which is not always easy, but when you walk out of the session you feel so happy and much brighter, you know in side yourself that you are getting better, it is amazing how quickly you feel that you are getting control of your life, and people have noticed the change in me too.


Carol is also a very kind and caring person and puts you at ease straight away, if you are struggling with life she’s the one to talk to.


J. V    Oxfordshire


Exam Nerves


With my final A-level exams just days away I really began to feel panic set in. As usual I had done small amounts of revision, here and there, however I had left the large majority of it left to do in a few days. Although, I tried to stay calm, I really began to panic and kick myself for not starting more in-depth revision earlier. This mindset just took over any rational thought and prevented me from being able to focus on any revision at all. This is when EFT came in. Carol helped me to refocus my mind when it was well and truly set on failing and calmed my thoughts.


During my first session with Carol I felt very emotional and actually very tired, I discovered it wasn’t just revision that was holding me back, it was a culmination of other issues. Afterwards, it was like an enormous weight had been lifted. I felt like I had just released a load of bad energy that was holding me back. I was then able to see with some clarity and put things into perspective, ultimately allowing me to intensively focus my revision, leave the past comfortably behind and focus on my present situation of getting through my exams, so to not let the past ruin my future.


In one English paper that I had previously found revising for particularly difficult, I came out with a top A. It shows that in times of panic EFT can allow one to think rationally and encourage the mind to be proactive and not to just give up.


Carol has this comforting way with people; she is reassuring, positive and her calming presence immediately relaxes you out of the panicked state you arrived in. She shows you how to be able to tap yourself to allow you to use EFT in any time of stress; a priceless life skill you can use forever. I can see how this method of alternative healing could bring a far more benefits long term than taking any sort of medical anti-depressants, filling up your body on drugs when it’s the mind we need to work on not necessarily our organs. In all honesty I was rather wary before my first session with Carol, however since then, I have never looked back.


Anon    Gloucestershire

Dear Carol,


I was just reflecting on life as one does when it’s too cold to leave the warmth of the duvet and wanted to say (and you can use this as a testimonial if you like), how much EFT has changed my life, I feel so much more self confident and really happy.


I feel full of energy and positive emotions. EFT helps you see the bigger picture and although the experiences are still there, and you don’t forget, the emotional pain has gone. There is still sometimes the disbelief of your experience, but that gets sorted by realising that has made you the person you are and hopefully a better person for it.


EFT I feel has cleared the negative messages ie. brain washing and left the real person who was always there, clean and bright and ready to fulfil their purpose in life.


I recommend EFT however much you think you can’t afford it, because the difference is worth everything and more. It gets you on the road of prosperity in all ways, it saves years of your life; it leaves you free to go beyond your limits.


L.A    Gloucestershire



Dear Carol,


It was a pleasure to meet you on Thursday and huge thanks for such a productive and liberating session.  I came away feeling so much lighter and free-er.  I liken it to a car engine being stripped, cleaned, polished and finely tuned before setting off on my journey once again.  Thank you for  your sensitive, professional guidance I look forward to working with you again.


All best wishes


N.M    Gloucestershire



I had a session with Carol a few days ago. Her work is very interesting and certainly several levels deeper than the 'quick-fix tapping' that you may have come across. She brings her own personal insights and approaches 'your' problems with skill and imagination.


I. J       Warwickshire



Carol, your energy was crystal clear and congruent and you were 100% there for me. I felt very well cared for while I worked with such an emotional memory. Thank you.


A.P    Leicestershire

Autumn 2009 001

For making me smile again.


D. H      Gloucestershire

Workshop Testimonials


The EFT workshops I did with Carol were amazing. I learnt so much and it is something that I will continue to use. The workshops covered a lot of information but Carol delivered them in a way that kept us focused but was also a lot of fun. I would recommend them to anyone so don't miss out if you get the chance to go.


J.B         Gloucestershire



Thank you for the wonderful EFT training on Friday. I loved it!  I haven't eaten a biscuit since and am really feeling the difference already. It's brilliant to have a tool to help me with anything. So, thank you!


S. P       Warwickshire



Just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed today. You're quite the loveliest teacher of this precious subject. Your natural warmth , caring and enthusiasm makes you perfect for teaching EFT.


M.T       Oxfordshire

I want to thank Carol for a transformative, compassionate treatment a few weeks back. I can honestly say that in just one session, Carol helped me unblock some very old issues, and things have changed a lot, for the better, since. I look forward to the next! I would recommend Carol's work to all.


R.J       Coventry

A Testimonial from A Parent


As parents you always want to do the best for your children but sometimes you need help.


We have a seventeen year old daughter who did very well in her GCSE’s and decided to stay on to do A-levels in her sixth form. Prior to this she seemed to cope very well with the work and also exams, taking them in her stride. So we were amazed at the transformation that took place early on at the start of the A-level course, when she began to show signs of stress and anxiety, which resulted in a change of character and attitude. We took into account her age and her just being a normal typical teenager, my wife and I talked to her at great lengths; the school were very helpful and supportive. But things were not improving and we could see how upset she was becoming, worried about the future, not sure what she wanted to do. Obviously, everything we and the school were trying was having little or no effect.


We decided to ask Carol Crowther for her opinion, knowing that Carol was an expert in complementary therapy and whether she could suggest any treatments that may help. Carol advised us that she had been working on a program to address the very issues we described and had had amazing success. We decided to enrol our daughter on Carol’s program, which our daughter was more than willing to commit to.


It is hard to describe the effect that Carol’s treatment has had on our daughter apart from absolutely remarkable. After the first session, we immediately noticed a difference in our daughter's attitude and now after three sessions we have our old daughter back again.

School and A-levels no longer causes the stress and anxiety, she was able to prepare for her summer exams in a calm and relaxed manner.

Again as parents, we are more delighted that she is happy again and we know she sees a brighter future for herself. In addition, Carol has taught her techniques that she can you use if she feels a little uncertain about events in her life.


For any parents that are experiencing the same issues and concerns with their children I would, as you can imagine, highly recommend and endorse Carol Crowther and her complementary therapies.


J. D    Gloucestershire

Dear Carol,


Thank you so much for all your support and expertise and helping me get through the most difficult time of my life. I can honestly say that you played a big part in my survival and I will never be able to thank you enough. I have learnt a lot over the past few years, but mainly how important people are in my life and that goodness conquers all. Thank you.


J. J     Oxfordshire

I cannot believe the help and energy Carol gives me. She even knows when I’m feeling down and in need and my phone rings and she’s there and she just knows (somehow). I can be a complete wreck when I walk into wherever she is and within a short time I feel calm, balanced and just more together.


I go away with instructions on how to help myself which is very important. What’s more important is that what Carol does (and the fantastic remedies she uses) are just so powerful and I have never known anyone work so deeply with such amazing results.


Thank you Carol.


B. K      Gloucestershire

Carol is a lovely lady who just oozes warmth and kindness.


She has a natural ability to make you feel completely calm and at ease while in her company and always seems to really understand your life’s concerns.


I recently visited Carol as I was in need of some emotional support to help me undertake an extremely difficult family matter that I had to deal with on that day. Unfortunately, I had to break the sad news to my mother that my eldest brother had suddenly passed away.


By using EFT on various points Carol was not only able to completely calm me down but also put my mind at ease on the difficult task that lay ahead.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Carol to anyone who wanted to try this specific healing approach. She is a lovely warm and compassionate lady.


I.R           Warwickshire 



Thank you for all the help you gave me before my exams. I couldn't have done it without you.


Anon      Gloucestershire

Carol deservedly enjoys an excellent reputation, her unassuming manner is considerate. Her approach is far reaching and she got to the depths of some deeply held issues. I felt instantly better. She has an intelligent manner and knows her subject thoroughly. A true professional.


N.M         Oxfordshire

Carol worked with my daughter to help her deal with her anxiety challenges. My daughter found Carol very easy to work with and the results were excellent. My daughter now has strategies to help her manage in times of stress. Definitely worth the money!


C.M         Coventry

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and support....I couldn’t have got through the last couple of weeks without it. You have been wonderful.


J.G       Gloucestershire

Interview Nerves



Feeling particularly nervous the night before an important interview, I was lucky enough to find Carol Crowther, with whom I had a telephone session.  She was  magic!!  Although afterwards  Carol said that  it was all me!  But after just a 30 minutes  with Carol, and her calming and relaxing techniques,  I not only stopped feeling sick with nerves I proceeded to have a great night's sleep and awoke feeling on top of the world.  Later on during the day when nerves crept back in, I employed the suggested subtle techniques she taught me, which helped me regain and keep my state of calm, relaxed confidence.  And more importantly helped me to give a peak performance.


So I am very grateful, appreciative and indeed indebted to Carol.  I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.


And PS I was offered the job.


D. C   Oxfordshire

Carol is such a positive lady. She enabled me to sleep properly by taking away some anxiety from previous events in my life. I don't know how she does it, I just know that she is so worth you talking to as you'll feel 10 foot taller afterwards.


J.C       Birmingham



Carol is certainly a lady with a gift that can help people overcome any blocks they have in life. She is very gentle and understanding in her approach.



P.B       Warwickshire

Carol has been a great help to me over the years. I have suffered many emotional problems and Carol has helped me through most of them. Carol has a lovely warm personality which puts you at ease and somehow makes you feel safe from the start, which enables you to be honest with your feelings and however trivial some problems may seem to someone else, Carol would never allow you to feel that way.


Sometimes when I have experienced emotional problems with a difficult relationship, it has caused some physical problems too. Carol is amazing at understanding the root of the problem and working with me to get to the core of the problem, whether it be emotional or physical. Amazingly after the session I can come away feeling so much better, although the problems are still there I am able to cope with the situation so much better. I will always be eternally grateful to Carol.


L. F       Gloucestershire



Well now, Carol has seen the WHOLE family. My husband, me and now our son. She has helped us all for all different reasons. Me for putting previous memories in to perspective. Our son to help him relax more running up to his GCSEs.  Carol came round and spent time with him and I cannot tell you the difference she made.


Will it all be plain sailing?  I’m not sure.  All I know is that I have a son who is far more relaxed but focussed on what he has to do over the next few weeks. And he seems to be talking to us again! Bit strange for a 16 year old.


Testimonial continued....Carol, thanks once again; we have had this from school this morning. P****** did a fantastic presentation to the tutor group on Monday night, on relaxation techniques prior to the summer exams. It takes a lot to get teenage boys to focus, but P****** had them all the way through. By far the best presentation we have had by one of my tutees all year.



C.W      Warwickshire




Dear Carol,


Many thanks for your kind and warm help. E.F.T. and Matrix Reprinting has been life changing for me after years of suffering from childhood trauma.


I have a new life freedom to be myself. My past has gone into the past where it belongs.


I can sleep peacefully. I'm relaxed. I've come off two lots of medication. My blood pressure is coming down. I'm losing weight, no more eating chocolate every day.


Showing me how to tap is a tool I have for life, I can tap whenever I feel the need. No more psychiatric medication. I can tap myself well.


Thank you Carol, keep up the good work.



B G   Worcestershire  

Carol helped me get to the bottom of an issue I didn’t even know I still needed to face. I thought it was all sorted, but it turns out that a very long standing physical pain was actually persisting & returning despite lots of physical treatment because I had an emotional trauma that my body was holding on to. I know this sounds odd & I would be sceptical, but I felt I needed to go & see Carol although I had no idea what we would talk about or even if I really needed anything. I can only recommend that if you feel drawn to speak to Carol then go with an open mind and maybe you will come away feeling years younger and free of pain too.


Our bodies & minds are amazing and try really hard to protect us so we can just keep going, in order to break the circle sometimes we have to accept help even though we may not understand it. Thanks Carol for lightening my life & enabling me to release myself from a crippling pain that I thought I would have to live with & continually get treated, for the rest of my life.



C J    Rugby



Dear Carol, I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you did over the last 18 months to get me ‘back on track’. The work we did has left me in a place from which I can view the changes ahead with nothing other than excitement and curiosity about what may lie around the corner. This new security and confidence is attributable to you and for that I am so, so grateful.



A. C   Gloucestershire



Carol is a star - I trusted her to work with my 14 year old daughter who was struggling with her school work and exams, she's now working so much better than previous years and her exam results have seriously improved, on average up by 10% which is one grade and a bit. Very pleased - thanks again!!



M. P     Warwickshire



An absolutely remarkable lady, who's technique has left me speechless, Carol's technique works wonders for both children and adults and I truly wish I had found her a few years ago. Thank you Carol Crowther. In just 1 session the change in my daughter is beyond words.


J. C       Worcestershire



Your work is wonderful and life changing. I’m not sure, that without our sessions, I would have met Andrew and had my daughter. I am so very grateful to you and always pass your number to my girlfriends


R.W     Coventry



I was having a real crisis of confidence but after a quick session with the amazing Carol, I felt much more positive and motivated, my  despondency and doubts disappeared, thank goodness.  Carol is so intuitive and skilled at what she does.   I am lucky to be her client.


D. C      Banbury



Carol provided me with EFT healing recently. It was a holistic treatment I had never had before so I was intrigued to see how this could help me based on my current situation. Carol put me at ease at the outset and I honestly don't know where the time went. I felt so much better at the end of the session as if an enormous weight was beginning to lift away from me as I was starting to understand what was holding me back. I know in my own mind that further sessions are required to finish the overall treatment because the emotions are so deep rooted and that Carol will be able to help me to find the right path to do so. Carol is such a wonderfully grounded person, I feel so calm when in her presence. Highly recommended for any emotional or physical ailments that need to be addressed.


A. J.     Coventry



Carol introduced me to EFT and Tapping in a session last week. I had not experienced this treatment before, so I was intrigued to see how it worked. The relief that I felt afterwards was immediate and I had an instant calm which prevailed and helped me continue working in a more efficient manner.

I would whole heartedly recommend Carol to anyone who needs help and her calming nature is an enjoyable antidote to the stresses of modern day life.


J. R.     Coventry



Thank you so much for that amazing treatment Carol.  I have that picture so clearly in my mind; it's fantastic and has brought clarity to the situation too. I'm drawing up a list of other things to work on and I will definitely be back for more.


H. E     London






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