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Photo Gallery

Richard Flook
Copy of Gary Craig colour jpeg try this

With my EFT Trainer and friend Karl Dawson

EFT Master and Founder of the Matrix Re-imprinting Technique. I owe so much to Karl. He has been a huge influence in my journey.


With Gary Craig - The Founder of EFT

The man who has transformed the lives of millions.

With  EFT Master Carol Look

Her work is a constant inspiration to me.

With Richard Flook

Head of Meta-Medicine Worldwide

A great Trainer

With some of my EFT friends,

Liz, Ted, Helen, Mary, Heather

and Karl.

This page is dedicated to all the special people in my life. My wonderful teachers and clients from whom I've learnt so much, my family and friends who have loved, encouraged and supported me and to everyone who has helped me in any way.  Thank you.


With Tapas Fleming - The  Founder of Tapas Acupressure Technique - TAT

Did some wonderful TAT Training with Tapas

With the lovely, warm Jaqui Crooks -

My TAT trainer and EFT Master


With the talented Tania Prince - EFT Master

With Judy Byrne - a fabulous EFT Master


DSCF9812 (2)

With Lynne McTaggart  - Author of

The Field, The Bond and the Power of 8.

A great influencer in our field.

Me and Brucie

With the Amazing Bruce Lipton

Author of The Biology of Belief, The Honeymoon Effect and Spontaneous Evolution.

Bruce is just awesome.

Matthew Manning
Anita M 2

With Anita Moorjani who has been such an inspiration to me I seriously love her work.

The Author of Dying To Be Me and What if This is Heaven?

With Matthew Manning.

I first heard Matthew speak on the radio when I was in my 20s and I used to record his interviews. Matthew was such an inspiration to me as I was discovering my own journey. He is an intuitive healer and a great guy,

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