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Fears and phobias, left untreated, restrict the lives and cause misery to countless people and their families. When experiencing a fear, a person may experience emotions anywhere on the scale between a straightforward fight, flight or freeze response to a full blown panic attack. It is estimated that one third of people who suffer panic attacks that go untreated, go on to develop agoraphobia.


Some people develop elaborate routines in order to try to protect themselves from experiencing their particular fears and develop Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which just compounds the misery.


It is not always possible to avoid the object of your particular fear. If you suffer from claustrophobia and are having to face an MRI scan or if you have a fear of flying and you have to take a business flight because your job demands it, the prospect can be overwhelming.


EFT is a remarkably effective tool for dealing with these problems. By breaking down the fear into individual components and systematically tapping and focusing on each aspect and object of the fear / a memory of a time the fear was felt / the physical responses that fear induces, the ‘charge’ can quickly and effectively be removed. The whole EFT process is performed gently, sensitively and as painlessly as possible. The results are often quick and easy to recognise.


Using EFT to help with Fears and Phobias

EFT is a superb tool for helping children with their fears which can often disrupt the whole family.


EFT can transform the lives of panic attack sufferers and also break the Obsessive Compulsive cycle.


Client's who use this technique quite simply get their life back. 


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