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One area which can blight even the most able musician is the anxiety and stress involved in performing in examination situations and in public. The anxiety leading up to performance can sometimes be overwhelming. Many musicians suffer the jitters, shakes and dry mouth when performing in front of others. Some very common fears are:- 


  • The fear of not passing the exam

  • The fear of being judged poorly by others

  • The fear of looking a fool in front of others

  • The fear of letting myself down

  • The fear of making mistakes and letting the rest of the band down

  • The need to be perfect

  • Making a mistake and then “losing it”

  • This part makes me nervous

  • I always get this part wrong

  • My mind goes blank when I’m up there

  • Hitting the wrong note


However there are ways that EFT can be used to help students overcome many of their negative beliefs and fears and give them the edge to really perform beyond their comfort zone and their own expectations.


By tapping and focusing in on the particular worry or physical reaction that is felt in the body prior to performance and taking the ‘emotional charge’ out of it, the musician is then able to relax and perform to their full potential. Not only is this technique highly effective but it is also fun and rewarding. Furthermore the results are often quick and easy to recognize. My aim is to produce relaxed and confident musicians that can really give of their best, to produce expressive, memorable performances.

Using EFT to Enhance Musical Performance

Teenage boy (15-17) playing guitar, low angle view

You can hear about me speaking about musical performance and examination anxiety with Clay Lowe by clicking either of the following two links below.

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