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However this fear comes in many guises. It is not just the obvious fear of standing in front of a group of people and speaking, which can become an everyday nightmare for professionals in a wide variety of occupations and cause stage fright. But it can also involve making telephone calls, writing for local newsletters / newspapers, exhibiting artworks, anything that will involve being judged by an audience in someway.


Some common fears are:-


•Losing track of where I am in my notes

•Struggling to find words if my mind goes blank

•Not being able to answer a question

•Letting myself down and looking a fool in front of others

•I’m not good/clever/qualified enough to give this talk

•Not remembering my lines

•Letting the rest of the cast down



Using EFT to Help with Public Speaking, Theatrical and Public Performances

EFT can be very effective at dealing with a fear of public speaking and stage fright by tapping, focusing in, identifying the fears and negative beliefs associated with standing in front of an audience. Also by tapping and focusing in on the physical effects on the body, a much more relaxed frame of mind can be achieved which will result in a more fluent, flowing, expressive speech or performance.


It is my experience that very often a fear of public speaking has been triggered by an embarrassing incident that happened at school when we were laughed out by our peers for saying something silly in front of the class. Using EFT to take the charge out of memories such as these is also a very effective way of dealing with the fear of public speaking.


Before I discovered EFT,  the thought of getting up and speaking in public made me feel physically sick and shaky. I conquered my own fear of public speaking using EFT and now can quite happily stand in front of any number of people and speak.  Getting rid of this fear has transformed my life and enabled me to take my work to a whole different level.  I can honestly say I now find speaking in public a truly enjoyable experience.

Me talking 2

The fear of public speaking is widely acknowledged as being the most common fear in our society,

more common than the fear of death.

•      Getting emotional when giving a speech at a family occasion, wedding or funeral.


Physical signs of a fear of public speaking and stage fright can involve:-


•       A dry mouth or lump in the throat

•       Physical shaking

•       Trembling voice

•       Sweating hands and forehead

•       Heart beating too fast

•       Blurred vision when looking at the audience

•      Speaking too fast

•      A pale or flushed complexion

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